National Training Unit

Published: Wednesday, 07 May 2014



The National Training Unit is one of the divisions with in the MEHRD vested with the following seven (7) major tasks:

1. To prepare decision making on selection of scholarships by the National Training Committee (NTC) and ensure that all NTC’s decisions on training policies are implemented;

2. To coordinate all training at the tertiary level so that national workforce needs are met in a consistently
systematic manner;

3. To be a resource base from which information on the availability of training programs can be obtained;

4. To ensure that all awarding of training opportunities are consistent with national priorities, the National Policy for Tertiary Education and the workforce requirements from time to time derived from the National Human Resources Development and Training Council and Skills Training Plan;

5. To monitor progress of those who are undergoing training;

6. To administer all national training committee approved training

7. To provide academic and professional counseling to students on matters concerning scholarships.


The NTU office is now relocated to the Tongs Building at Point Cruz, Level 2, the same building where the Ministry of Education is located.