Education Authority Support

Published: Thursday, 07 January 2016


Core functions of the Education Authority Support (EAS) are to:

Liaison point and communication coordination within MEHRD for all Education Authority entities.

Advocate and coordination support for EAs within MEHRD, to improve the quality of services delivered to them by MEHRD divisions.

 lead the socialisation and support to implement approved Education Authority Standards with all EAs.

Uses feedback from EA standards assessment to develop activities to support improvement in EA service delivery.

Lead the development of EA Service agreement if required, based on Education Act and approved Standards.

Provide leadership and clarity of roles and responsibilities of government and non-government EAs, according to the Education Act.

Lead or collaborate in the development, revision and implementation of policy relating directly to EAs.

Provides training and supports to PEAs broadly to undertake their roles and functions.

Promote collaboration between EAs by coordinating joint activities, facilitating learning and good practice between EAs.

Coordinates requests and requirement from PEAs to ensure efficient use of PEA time and resources when MEHRD has support or requirement of PEA.

Supports PEAs improvement in developing Provincial Plans and associated budgeing based on the NEAP.