National Library Division

Published: Friday, 14 March 2014



The National Library Service has the following main objectives: 

  • Provide opportunities for all Solomon Islanders and the General Public to have access to reading materials for the purpose of individual development and recreation.
  • Promote literacy, encourage reading and dissemination information and ideas through the establishment of Public Libraries, Mobile Library Service, Provincial and Community Library Services.
  • Provide Library Services to Parliament, Government Departments, Authorities and Institutions including schools and others requesting libraries.
  • Co-ordinate under the National Library Services. Professional Procedures for libraries which are members of the service in Solomon Islands.
  • Advice on, coordinate and rationalize the resources and services of Government Department Libraries.
  • Maintain, develop and preserve a National Collection of Library resource, including a comprehensive collection of library resources relating to Solomon Islands and its people.
  • Set standards by training library personnel.