Teacher Professional Development Division

Published: Wednesday, 30 April 2014



It is the aim of the Teacher Training and Development Office (TTDO) to contribute to improvement in accessibility to education, management and the quality of education through training and developing quality teachers, which in themselves are central to an effective education system.
The main tasks of TTDO are:

  • To explore options that will increase teacher training and development including the use of school-based, distance and flexible learning, continuing professional development and on-the-job training, in addition to traditional on-campus training for teachers.
  • To work with the School of Education at SICHE to review its teacher training programmes in order to meet current and future teacher training needs.
  • To facilitate, design and implement professional development courses to help teachers improve their skills in areas of leadership, management, teaching and learning.
  • To work with training providers in training and development of teachers.
  • To continue with on-campus and distance education teacher training with our traditional teacher training institutions locally and abroad.
  • Improve the use of data for quality decision-making regarding the training and development of teachers.