Continuity Learning Series for schools

Published: Saturday, 02 May 2020

Radio Promotion for May 4th - 8th Programs

   Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday Friday Time
Level   ECE/PPY  Year 1 - 3  Year 4 - 6

 Junior Secondary

(Yr 7 - 9)

Senior Secondary

(Yr 10 - 12)


 9:00 - 9:30am (repeat session at 7:30pm)

Topic    To parents.  English  Integrated Learning Integrated Learning  Integrated Learning (History, Geography and Development Studies)
 The importance of Play for learning.  Describing an order of events.  Who and where you are in place and tme. Growing Food for Health and self-reliance.  Urbanisation and Urban Drift


Radio Program for Year 9 Science

pdfSession 1 Part 1: Setting the Scene

pdfSession 1 Part 2: Lesson Outline

pdfSession 2: Lesson Instructions

pdfFeedback Marking Rubric

pdfKWL Chart

pdfObservation Datasheet

pdfOrganism Observation Sheet

pdfThink Pair Share

pdfUnit Key Vocabulary terms