Procedures for applying for a Research Permit

Published: Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Anyone wishing to conduct any research in the Solomon Islands must first gain a Research Permit. It is against the law to conduct research in any part of the Solomon Islands without a valid permit.
All research permits and enquires will be handled by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD), regardless of the field of study.

  1. Gain ethical approval from relevant government ministry or agency.
  2. Submit fully completed Solomon Islands Research Application form, available from and the following accompanying documents.
    1. 1.Ethics Approval from Home University or  Solomon Islands relevant Government Ministry/ Organisation
    2. 2.Research proposal
    3. 3.Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    4. 4.Where research involves children or vulnerable persons, police clearance/s for all personnel are required
  3. Refer to the published Research Approval Criteria
  4. Submit the completed form and accompanying documentation to

(Incomplete applications will not be considered)

  1. The Research Coordinator will acknowledge by email the receipt of application
  2. The Research Committee will meet 30 January, 30  April,   30 July and 30 October  annually  and consider all full applications received
  3. The Research Committee will approve applications based on the published criteria
  4. Any application which requires further clarification will be  returned to the applicant for further details
  5. Applicant will be notified via email of the outcome of the research committee meeting

(Note: There may be a delay of some weeks between an application being received and the committee meeting)

  1. If the application is successful and applicant has the email notification of committee approval, the applicant should pay the Research Permit Fee
  2. Research Permit Fee of SB $500 must be paid in full at the MEHRD accounts department
  3. When payment is received, the Original Approved Research Permit will be released to the applicant.
  4. Research permits will be signed by the Minister of Education and Human Resources Development and stamped with the official MEHRD stamp.

Please note that permission to enter traditional land must be arranged separately to this permit

All queries to be directed to the Research Coordinator