Terms & Conditions

Published: Wednesday, 17 June 2015


By submitting the application form on-line with your name and personal details attached, you are agreeing that you understand the terms and conditions
of the Solomon Islands Scholarship Policy. If your application is successful and you are offered a scholarship you will be asked to sign the official
SIG Award Declaration. By signing the Declaration it confirms you understand and agree to the terms and conditions before you accept the offer of a Scholarship.

The main conditions you must agree to in accepting the offer of a Scholarship are, you agree:

[1] To take up the Scholarship in the academic year for which it is offered
[2] That the Scholarship offered is appropriate for the field and level of study you are capable of achieving
[3] Not to change the programme of study or educational institution or other bridging course without the prior approval of the NTU
[4] To comply with the rules of the educational institution delivering the Scholarship course
[5] To full disclosure of information regarding your academic progress by the contracted educational institution delivering the Scholarship course
[6] To obey the host country's laws and maintain an acceptable standard of conduct at all times
[7] To ensure all immigration permits, passport, medical and Police clearances are kept current for the duration of your Scholarship
[8] Not to engage in any paid employment without the prior approval of the educational institution where you are studying and the NTU
[9] To return to the Solomon Islands, your home country upon the completion of your Scholarship even if this occurs before the duration of the course
[10] Accept that the Scholarship may be suspended or withdrawn if you fail to comply with the full terms and conditions of the Scholarship award

It is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of all the Scholarship Policy conditions in addition to those detailed above.