Literacy Workshop at Tulagi

Published: Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Tulagi Workshops

LPMU travelled to Central Island Province to deliver a literacy workshop to teachers on 2 - 3 March 2015.

Participants were Grade 1, 2 and 3 teachers from the following schools:
• MacMahon CHS
• Silas PS
• Marvin PS
• Henry Koga PS
• Bokolonga PS
A number of senior and head teachers also attended to learn how to support Early Years teachers.

Participants learnt about:
• 2015 Literacy focus
• Shared and Modelled reading (and why choral reading is NOT helpful!)
• Modelled, Shared and Guided writing (and why copying does not teach much!)
• How to do diagnostic testing
• How to make flashcards and items for students to use to support literacy

Participants were very engaged in the activities and worked with their grade level group to understand new ideas and discuss the benefits and difficulties in making changes in the classroom. It is hoped that they TRY something from this workshop and add to this knowledge next time we meet.

Tulagi 1
Grade 1 teachers analysing Nguzu Nguzu readers to identify message, structures, vocabulary and sound/letter patterns to make their teaching more language-based

Tulagi 2
Grade 3 teachers analysing Nguzu Nguzu readers

Tulagi3 4

Grade 2 teachers making flashcards to use in their classrooms


The CIP Premier, LPMU Literacy Advisor and CIP Provincial Secretary at the official closing ceremony.

Some feedback from participants:
“This literacy workshop is very enjoyable, fruitful with lots of things that we have achieved which will enable us teachers to upgrade teaching in Grades 1, 2 & 3.”
“The most useful about the workshop: widen my understanding on modelled and shared writing”
“Very important program. Very clear. Build our knowledge on teaching reading and writing”
Thanks to CIP Education Authority Chief, Janet Nori and staff for her work in organising this activity.