Published: Thursday, 10 April 2014


Secodary Division

With the Sector Wide Approach (SWAP) undertaken by the Ministry of Education and its development partners Secondary Division’s objectives for since 2006 is set out as follows;

  • To improve equitable access to quality basic education for all young Solomon Islanders
  • To improve the way school operational grants are managed, disbursed, and monitored
  • To provide teacher supply and teacher demand requirement for the junior and senior secondary school sectors to TTDO
  • To support the National Teacher Education and Development Policy and Action Plan (In-service/Pre-service)
  • To strengthen the School Boards and Management Committees to be re-established, operating and monitored with EAs
  • To develop a Policy for the development and implementation of senior secondary schooling throughout the Solomon Islands
  • To develop and implement and monitor an infrastructure development plan with ICU/PCRU for all secondary schools

There is an underlying issue with reference to human resource and capacity which requires change at all levels. This includes a need for a refocus, revitalization and renewal in attitude, behaviour and character of personnel and colleagues. In this regard the identified areas are noted and divided into two parts in order to achieve better results.