Published: Thursday, 10 April 2014


Primary Division

Primary Education Division is responsible to the Permanent Secretary for the administration of the Act, the constitution and other statutory requirements in respect of all registered primary schools and kindergartens where these are separate from primary schools. In particular the division is responsible for,

a. The registration /deregistration and closure of primary schools
b. Analysis of primary school attendance returns
c. Prepare budgets and authorise payment of education grants to education authorities in respect of their primary school.
d. Co-ordinate orders and distribution of primary school equipments and curriculum materials.
e. Determine number of primary teachers to be employed each year.
f. Determine training needs of primary school teachers in consultation with relevant Authorities.
g. Prescribe pupil-teacher ratios for primary schools
h. Organise meetings, seminars, conferences etc. for Provincial Education officers and teachers.
i. Prescribe school terms, holidays, and hours of teaching and minimum teaching days in the year for primary schools.
j. Advise on curriculum policy and change.
k. Develop plans and strategies for the improvement and expansion of the primary schools sector in consultation with the Implementation and Planning Unit.

l. Providing advice on administrative and professional matter to Education Authorities.