Notice to Teachers

Published: Wednesday, 15 August 2018

A teacher who wishes to apply for scholarship in 2019 must meet the following requirements;

1. In - Service Scholarship 

  • Age Limit 45.
  • Endorsement by the school principal/headmaster.
  • Endorsement by Education Authority.
  • Has been in the teaching field for 5 or more years.
  • Provide an Updated Curriculum Vitae (CV), including certified academic transcripts and other relevant certified documents.
  • Meet National Training Unit priority programme list.
  • Admission letter from intending institution

2. Pre - Service Scholarship

  • Currently a Teacher in Training (TiT) and teaching experience before December 2014
  • Candidates must have SINF6SC or an equivalent or USP Foundation or an equivalent qualification.
  • Teacher in training with other relevant qualifications and planning to take further studies in teaching.
  • School Administration Endorsement
  • Education Authority Endorsement
  • Age ranges from 20 – 45
  • Admission letter from intending institution