Research Permit Application Criteria

Published: Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Research in the Solomon Islands

Any individual, institution or organisation wishing to apply for a research permit to conduct any research in the Solomon Islands must meet the following criteria to have the application considered.

Solomon Islands Research Act, 1982

Criteria for Research Permits

1. General Criteria
The research, its methodology and individuals conducting research must:
1.1. Adhere to Solomon Islands law
1.2. Adhere to and respect society customs
1.3. Preserve environment, flora and fauna
1.4. Not exploit children or vulnerable persons
1.5. Declare any potentially sensitive information and gain specific permission from the Research Committee to release such information

2. Administrative Criteria
2.1. Research application permit form completed in full
2.2. Full research proposal attached
2.3. TWO referees and contact details, one must be from institution or organisation supporting research. Name, position, status, contact details.
2.4. Nominate arrangements to present preliminary research findings to research coordinator and/or nominated group, knowledgeable or who will benefit from the information contained in research.
2.5. A management plan outlining how researchers will provide protection and care during research when dealing with sensitive information, accesses children or vulnerable person (s) and plant or animal life.
2.6. Any research involving photography of children, vulnerable people or restricted cultural heritage sites and specimens must be declared.
Special consideration will be made and if approved, this will be stated in the research permit.
2.7. Any research involving removal of plants or animals in the study area must be declared to the quarantine division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands development.
2.8. A consent letter from the Solomon Islands host, individuals, institutions or organizations (if any)
2.9. Arrangements with MEHRD for provision of e-copy of final approved thesis or publication.

(i) There will be four Research Committee meetings annually. Closing dates for these are
        30 January     30 April     30 July     30 October

(ii) Application for a Research Permit is SBD 500.00.
(iii) Permission to enter traditional land must be arranged separately to this permit