Literacy Workshop at Kokeqolo

Published: Thursday, 05 March 2015

The LPMU travelled to Munda and Gizo to work with teachers in after-school meetings between 16th and 20th February

16-17 February 2015

At Kokeqolo, teachers and head teachers from the following schools joined together to learn about Diagnostic Testing and Working with Nguzu Nguzu Books: 
• Kokeqolo CHS
• Dunde PS
• Kinamara PS
• Nusa Roviana PS
Marie Quinn delivered the workshop content, with the help from various “pretend students” who helped with the role play!

Teachers will be administering the testing to students in Grades 1 – 3 in the next weeks.

Thanks to the United Church of Solomon Islands, Education Authority and Assembly, for their management and provision of the snacks for participants.

Kokeqolo Participants

Participants at the Kokeqolo workshop, with Mrs. Veronica Toben, UCSI Education Secretary at front left.

Dunde Principal

Dunde principal, Mrs. Beverlina Dosa, acting the role of a Grade 2 student in showing how to do Diagnostic Testing

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